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Discover dog sled driving with Evasion Nordique

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Initiation to driving: Reservations are required.

Each person drives a sled with 3 or 4 harness dogs depending on the chosen formula.

Different formulas : One hour - One half day - One full day

Introduction to driving instructions :

Imagine a group of dogs in harness, waiting impatiently for the driver to give the start signal. You’re ready, let’s go !!

Each person drives its own sled with three or four dogs depending on the chosen formula.

Briefing : A qualified instructor will explain in 10/15 minutes the basic technic for driving. The initiation start with your own sled and lasts 30min to 3 hours depending on the chooosen formula.

Dogs :

Mostly Siberian husky. You will discover the pack, but the most powerful moment is to share an effort with them. Slow down, put the body in the right position for turning, help them uphill…. Explore the mountain, feel the nature, share the effort, respect for the environment, values which take all their dimensions.

The formulas :

One hour, one half day, one full day or evening outings (4 people minimum).

Childrens classes, seminars, raids, groups of all kind all activities related to sled dogs ...

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